The Source - Reviews

From the Classical World


"This book is essential for anyone working in any area of music."
David Amram

"On a scale of one to ten, The Source notes a solid "ten". A Terrific book!"
Roger Williams Concert Pianist / Recording Artist

"As a classically trained artist, I place high value on accessing this material. It is indeed a treasure to be able to access information of scales, modes and chords in one title"
Jeffrey Biegel Classical Pianist

“Steve is a great pianist and educator. The Source is a wonderful book for understanding the history and use of scales, modes and chords".
George Winston Pianist / Composer / Recording Artist

"What a delight for a classical musician! The Source restates the conservatory mold so beautifully, synthesizing traditional and contemporary modes, scales and chords in a wonderfully easy to use format."
Rebecca Penneys, Classical Pianist / Educator

"The Source is simple and priceless. It is an instructional tool that should be part of every teaching studio."
Julia Amanda George Vice President, American College of Musicians

"The Source couldn't have a better title. In this one book is everything a musician needs to master scales, modes, and chords. I highly recommend it."
Richard Glazier Classical Pianist

"It is The Source for musicians: classical, jazz, rock, country and all those who LOVE this language we call music!"
John Bayless Classical Pianist / Composer

From the Jazz World


"If I were starting to learn my scales, modes and chords all over again, I think The Source would be the most expedient resource because it is clean, concise and applicable."
Dave Brubeck Jazz Pianist / Composer

"An invaluable and most welcome addition to the musicians musical reference books. In my estimation, The Source will become an invaluable aid to musicians in all walks of life."
Oscar Peterson Jazz Pianist / Educator / Composer

"The Source is one of the most valuable sources of documentation that I have run into in years, and I'm constantly searching. I'm sure that many educators as well as students will be rewarded by The Source."
Clark Terry Jazz Trumpeter / Educator

"Jazz improvisation is spontaneous composition. In The Source, Steve Barta has carefully outlined the basic tools one needs to master in order to begin to create the personal melodies that separate the best jazz musicians from the rest. The Source is an excellent starting point."
Dr. Billy Taylor Jazz Pianist / Educator / Composer

"What a great book! Everything is so simple and easy to understand. A must for educators, students and me!"
Marian McPartland Jazz Pianist / Educator / Composer

"The text provides ample material needed for practice and study. Teachers will find it appropriate for use"
Jazz Educators Journal

"The Source will enhance your understanding of the structure of melody"
Jazz Times

"The Source is an excellent reference book for expanding playing abilities."
Modern Drummer