Press Release - Vinyl LP Marks 40th of Claude Bolling’s

Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Claude Bolling applauds facelift on his classic suite with Hubert Laws and Jeffrey Biegel.

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“A true and modern arrangement!” is how composer Claude Bolling refers to Steve Barta’s new “Symphonic Arrangement” of his classic “Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano”. Helping to coin the term, ‘Crossover’ in music, Bolling’s 1975 recording enjoyed a 530-week ride on the Billboard charts to become a standard in the jazz and classical worlds. With Mr. Bolling’s approval, American Composer/Arranger Steve Barta set out to re-arrange and reintroduce this masterpiece to the world once again—but with quite a different approach. Mr. Barta has taken the original work and arranged this for jazz quartet, string quartet and orchestra. You will hear Steve Barta’s interpretation of Bolling’s Suite in a whole new light, as he brings together the best soloists in the jazz and classical worlds to present his new interpretation.

For Steve Barta, the correct personnel to interpret the Suite was essential. Master flutist Hubert Laws was simply the only choice for Barta: “Hubert is the rare person who has the capacity to walk in both the classical and jazz worlds,” states Barta. Jeffrey Biegel is a rare prodigy talent that is so appealing, not only because of his brilliant abilities at the piano, but he also likes to take musical risks—step out into new areas of music and further his abilities as an artist. Barta says, “Jeff’s interpretation of Bolling’s piece is masterful.” Brazilian drummer and co-producer Michael Shapiro brought to the session a payment of homage to the original arrangement, while at the same time putting his own stamp on this fusion of classical and jazz as only Michael Shapiro can do. Bassist Mike Valerio is yet another of the ensemble who holds the rare capacity to walk in the worlds of classical and jazz. Working with both orchestras and jazz ensembles, Valerio has his own sound and his own style, which fit perfectly into the jazz quartet. “I can’t imagine a better group of four people for the jazz quartet,” says Steve Barta.

In this new recording to be released on July 15, Steve Barta masterfully weaves string quartet, jazz quartet and orchestra into what Claude Bolling himself calls, “a modern and true arrangement”, giving Barta “A thousand bravos!” It will be released on vinyl LP, CD and digital format on July 15 on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby &

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