Symphonic Arrangement - Suite for Flute and Piano


Another Life Brazil CD

Claude Bolling applauds facelift on his classic suite featuring Hubert Laws and Jeffrey Biegel. You can purchase this project as a CD, LP, or a "Limited Edition" LP autographed by Claude Bolling and Steve Barta.

“A true and modern arrangement!” is how composer Claude Bolling refers to Steve Barta’s new "Symphonic Arrangement" of his classic "Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano". Helping to coin the term, 'Crossover' in music, Bolling’s 1975 recording enjoyed a 530-week ride on the Billboard charts to become a standard in the jazz and classical worlds. With Mr. Bolling’s approval, American Composer/Arranger Steve Barta set out to re-arrange and reintroduce this masterpiece to the world once again—but with quite a different approach. Mr. Barta has taken the original work and arranged this for jazz quartet, string quartet and orchestra. You will hear Steve Barta’s interpretation of Bolling’s Suite in a whole new light, as he brings together the best soloists in the jazz and classical worlds to present his new interpretation.

Arranger: Steve Barta

Guest Soloists: Hubert Laws- Flute; Jeffrey Biegel Piano.

Song List
Baroque & Blue